CI TOUCH silver
CI TOUCH silver

CI TOUCH silver

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Adjustable Coffee Intensity
4 Settings
‎254 x 470 x 340 mm
Noise Level
63 db
Number of Pre-Programmed Recipes
10 Coffee Specialties
Power source
1450 w
220-240 V
Product Type
Coffee machine
Stainless Steel
1,8 L
Net weight
8,7 kg

CI TOUCH silver

If you want to prepare one of the ten pre-programmed coffees, warm milk, milk froth or hot water - do it with just one click
With the new Melitta Ci Touch coffee machine you can easily prepare any of 10 pre-programmed coffee recipes and enjoy your favorite drinks
A true gourmet can feel the difference between drinks made from different grains. Each type of coffee differs from another in its origin, roast, aroma, cream, taste and much more. Thanks to the two-chamber container and the Bean Select function, you can choose exactly the type of beans that will give you maximum coffee enjoyment.
Thanks to Pro Aqua Filter technology, descaling only once a year. Filtered water not only improves the quality and aroma of your coffee, but also prevents limescale deposits in the water system.
Your fully automatic coffee machine features a quiet grinder with a particularly quiet grinding process. Thus, you can enjoy your coffee in peace.
The Italian cooking process ensures an authentic taste in which the ingredients are blended in the correct order according to the original Italian recipe. In the case of latte macchiato, espresso is added only after milk and milk foam, while with cappuccino it is just the opposite.
Thanks to the My Coffee Memory function, you can program 4 recipes for 4 users, including user names. You can also save individual settings such as: coffee strength (with and without pre-wet function), brewing temperature, finished product volume, coffee, milk, milk foam and hot water.
Simple interactive display gives direct access to your favorite drinks
Thanks to the unique coffee output, you can prepare two cups of the same coffee at the same time
With the all-in-one coffee outlet, your drink is prepared at the touch of a button, when you no longer need to move the cup from place to place - and coffee, milk, milk foam and hot water are dispensed from one conclusion. In addition, it is height adjustable up to 140 mm and you can always drink coffee from your favorite cup, even if it is for latte macchiato

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