Specialists working in the catering sector and striving to build their work according to the desired concept and menu, apply standards, fully satisfy the needs of customers, are faced with such an obstacle as a lack of equipment and inventory.

Based on many years of experience in the field of public catering, the existing technical base, understanding the delicacy of this complex problem and the importance of solving it, "RS-HORECA" offers you its services.

We launched in 2005 and right we are among the companies that first applied European experience, equipped local catering and trade enterprises at a high level.

Today, RS-HORECA - is one of the most dynamic developing brand, distinguishing with a special format in the field of complex services and equipment for kitchens and canteens, laundries and dry cleaning, confectionery and bakery, food processing, hotel complexes and other different formats of stores.

Our shop, operating on the principle of "one stop shopping", will help clients to purchase high quality equipment and inventory at affordable prices.

Along with the heavy equipment used only in the production process, we offer you small equipment, tools, dishes and other equipment that provide healthy, comfortable and safe food.

Our concept of "full construction" will make your plans easier and make your investment more secure. According to the concept, the organization of industrial kitchens, cafes and restaurants, catering in hotels and recreation areas is carried out in an integrated manner, and for this purpose we offer the following services:

  • Definition of concept
  • Technological solution
  • Design
  • Equipment
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Commissioning and acceptance
  • Instructing employees
  • Support after acceptance

We guarantee:

Professional approach to business

In our team, along with young and creative specialists, there are also people who stood at the origins of the company and the market, who have become part of the history of the catering industry in Azerbaijan.

Caring for brand reputation

For more than 15 years of working with clients, we have implemented hundreds of projects.

The efficiency of our work

Our main mission is to make your company profitable, efficient and successful.


We are interested in developing high-tech solutions in the HoReCa market. Our partners are leading manufacturers from Europe, the United States, Turkey, China and other countries. And we are always ready to offer you the most modern, adequate and affordable solution.


Interaction with the customer at all stages of design.