RS-HORECA Service Center is the community of professional specialists with modern service equipment and world-class service. Our employees act in accordance with the requirements of our time for quality repair and maintenance of products of the brands we serve. They participate in trainings organized by manufacturers and receive certificates in order to increase their knowledge and skills. In addition, in order to gain customer satisfaction and justify the trust of manufacturers, the Service Center is constantly updated with modern test equipment. The service center is created for your convenience, as well as for quality solutions to problems.

The services we provide are divided into several types:

Service under warranty terms - It is a service inspection of all types of goods purchased from us and guaranteed. Large-scale equipment that requires transportation, assembly and placement is often serviced on site. Other lightweight and easily removable equipment is serviced only at the RS-HORECA Service Center. Photo and video recording of the equipment accepted for repair is carried out.
Preventive maintenance services: Depending on the customer's wishes, it is carried out 1-2 times a year or several times per year according to the technical requirements of the equipment. During the inspection, it is recommended to replace the worn or expired spare parts, as well as to replace the defective parts. The replacement is performed under the terms of the warranty. Issues that go beyond the terms of the guarantee are resolved in agreement with the client. Service is paid.
Performance check: You can invite our experts to check the performance of each guaranteed or non-guaranteed equipment purchased from RS-HORECA. In this case, a practical check of the quality of the equipment is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's standards. The obtained results are presented to the client. In this case, it is proposed to take optimization measures to increase the efficiency of the work. The service is paid. Cost - can be provided after getting acquainted with the volume of equipment to be inspected.
Subscription serviceThis service allows you to call a specialist at a convenient time to solve problems that arise within 1 year and need to be resolved on the spot. This type of call is performed in accordance with the terms of the contract.
Call service – At the request of the customer, Service inspection, repair, adjustment work can be carried out on site or in the Service Center. The cost of the service: depends on the type of equipment and the amount of worktime spent on the job.

General conditions

During the inspection of the equipment handed over for repair under the warranty, the defective part identified during the inspection can be ordered and replaced on the spot. The ordered spare part can be replaced within 45 working days in accordance with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Consumer Protection. The inspection period of the equipment handed over to the service is 3-5 working days. This also applies to non-warranty equipment.

Call procedure and execution conditions

Call service can be done by phone and e-mail. After a detailed study of the incoming application, the client is notified of the time and duration of execution. As the service is paid, the amount of the call is agreed in advance. The service can be performed on the spot at the request of the customer. If there are no appropriate technical conditions at the destination, the inspection should continue at the Service Center. Call services are paid.