The design of any enterprise, whether it is a public catering and trade or food production enterprise, is an important and responsible stage that can only be entrusted to professionals. The success of the enterprise - economics, ergonomics, functionality, performance of work in accordance with the concept, production of quality products and reliability - are laid at this stage of work. The efficient success of your Company depends on how competently design is done. Each format has its own nuances and secrets. Restaurant, canteen, factory kitchen, supermarket, etc. - completely different formats, different menus, capacities, and therefore completely different technological solutions. Let your enterprise be profitable - entrust the design to professionals, the RS-HORECA company.

When designing public catering establishments, whether it is a small cafe, bar, restaurant, corporate or school canteen, a catering unit in a hospital, factory’s canteen or a large food plant, special emphasis is placed on;

Designing covers, the following stages:

  • • Receipt from the Customer of the initial information about the project, ie. concept, location and prospective opportunities of the project,
  • • Inspection by a specialist of sites for the future object for the preparation of a detailed drawing and refinement of production planning, warehousing, administrative and other premises
  • • Selection of kitchen, refrigeration, trade and other equipment according to certain parameters, equipment specifications (definition of specific sets and options), preparation of preliminary estimates.
  • • Creation of a technological chain under this object, taking into account the wishes of the customer and the available possibilities (including the connection to power grids, water supply, sewerage and other utilities). Compilation of mounting plans for communications.
  • Development of project documentation, in accordance with the selected technological parameters, type and equipment, as well as existing sanitary, anti-fire, architectural and other regulations. Compilation of layouts and volume-planning solutions in electronic form.
  • Accepting with the customer on the prepared documents and making the necessary adjustments before the start of the project
  • Design of project documents in accordance with architectural and other standards. Electronic preparation of plans and volume-plan solutions.
  • Placement of orders in accordance with the project
  • Equipment delivery and installation
  • Training of employees and handing over

RS-HORECA offers project solutions for any formats of public caterings:

1. Design a bakery
2. Design of semi-finished products
3. Project of factory canteen and canteens in military units, garrisons and schools
4. Project fast food
5. Design of factory-kitchens
6. Enterprise outreach project, catering
7. Design of restaurant, cafe, dining room
8. Project of the cafe at the gas station / roadside cafe
9. Project of food stores

10. The project of the restaurant is a national cuisine