Caffeo Passione OT black
Caffeo Passione OT black

Automatic Coffee Machine Caffeo Passione OT black

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Adjustable Coffee Intensity
5 Settings
253 x 380 x 405 mm
Number of Pre-Programmed Recipes
10 Specialties
Power source
1450 w
220-240 V
Water tank capacity
1,2 l
Product Type
Bean to Cup Coffee Maker
Stainless Steel
Net weight
8,3 kg

Caffeo Passione OT black

Fortunately, Passione® OT knows very well the different types of coffee. That's why we have programmed 10 coffees for you - whether you like cream, espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato - with just one touch of a button, and your perfect coffee is ready. Freshly brewed, aromatic with a velvety golden head. Just tempting! Passione® will also happily prepare frothed milk foam and hot water for you. Is it like leaning against the wall and having a cup of coffee? Right! He can't do just one thing for you - you have to decide what kind of coffee you want! When passion cannot wait: Passione® OT!

One touch - one touch
Café crème, espresso, ristretto, lungo, cappuccino or latte macchiato - what do you like? These 10 coffees are pre-programmed and can be selected directly on the panel with one touch or via the recipe book.
Modern compact design
Passione® not only impresses with its beautiful design, but also takes up little space so it fits anywhere! The rounded edges and drip tray made of high-quality stainless steel are eye-catching.

Best aroma system
The taste belongs to the coffee, not the air, so the Beans in Cup feature ensures that only the right amount of beans is freshly ground and used immediately. The pre-brewing and extraction process (AES aroma extraction system) takes care of the ideal development of the coffee aroma. The Aromasafe® bean container lid seal ensures that the aroma and flavor of the coffee beans is retained for a longer time.

10 coffee recipes
If you like variety, that's great - your fully automatic espresso machine will fulfill many of your wishes. Choose from four classics - espresso, crème coffee, cappuccino or latte macchiato - with one touch. Use the Recipe Book feature for 6 more coffees - Ristretto, Lungo, Americano, Espresso Macchiato, Latte and Café with Milk.

Italian preparation process - Italian preparation process
Do you know what is the correct order? Coffee, milk or whipped milk foam? If you are not familiar with the original Italian recipes, the thoughtful Italian cooking process ensures that the ingredients are added in the correct order. After all, who can remember that espresso is added to latte macchiato only after milk and milk foam? By the way, the opposite is true with cappuccino ...
Two cups mode (two cups mode)
Better Together - Double Cup Mode lets you brew two cups of espresso or coffee cream at the same time. It is also a good solution for those who drink a lot of coffee.

TFT color display
The high-resolution TFT color display is legible and clear for intuitive operation. Easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions will guide you through the menu.

Universal dispenser
Just grab a cup, choose a coffee ... and then go get some brownies! Although the machine has separate nozzles for coffee, milk and hot water, there is no need to move the cup when making coffee. So that you can use the original talte macchiato glasses, the dispenser is height-adjustable up to 135 mm without the use of special tools. Particularly convenient for those who are annoyed by the morning light - the built-in LED light allows you to prepare coffee even in low light.

Removable infuser
It would be great if it was easy, right? Melitta® does it ... The entire infuser is removable and easy to clean. Thus, the interior of the device is also easily accessible and can be cleaned without any problem.
Easy steam cleaning
Fast and hygienic - every time you drink a drink with milk, your fully automatic espresso machine cleans every part that comes into contact with the milk. At the touch of a button, hot water and steam begin a thorough cleaning. And you can just enjoy your coffee.
Management: electronic
Display: TFT color display
Black color
Additional Information:

Nozzle height adjustment: yes
Cup holder height adjustment: no
Removable water tank: yes

Available drinks: coffee latte, cappuccino, espresso, hot water, hot milk.
Brewing two cups of coffee at the same time: yes
Brewing two coffees with milk at the same time: no
My coffee function: no
Coffee grind adjustment: yes
Adjusting the amount of brewed coffee: no
Adjustable coffee strength: yes
Coffee temperature control: yes
Hygiene and machine cleaning: automatic cleaning and descaling program
Additional Features: Power Saving Function

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