Automatic coffee machine OPTIBEAN 3
Automatic coffee machine OPTIBEAN 3

Automatic coffee machine OPTIBEAN 3

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Adjustable cup tray
60 - 115 mm
Content Bean hopper
1,500 gr. / 200 cups
Content boiler
1,1 L, 1800W
Content Espresso brewer
6.5 - 9.5 gr. / 50 - 150 ml.
Content XL Espresso brewer
9.5 - 13.4 gr. / 150 - 230 ml.
409x565x792 mm
Dosing time (120 ml)
: 25 - 30 sec
Electrical connection
220-240V / 50-60Cy /2275W
Extension for bean hopper to
2.2 kg or 2.9 kg
Fixed water connection
1,905 cm
Large waste compartment
7 L (abt. 130 cups)
Max. tap height
167 mm
Product Type
Coffee machine

Automatic coffee machine OPTIBEAN 3

The OptiBean NG is a coffee machine with taste. Distinctive in design, reliable in technology. Animo's OptiBean NG grinds fresh coffee beans and brews authentic espresso and many variants in no time.
The display with selection keys has 12 freely programmable recipe keys. This allows you to choose your own cup of coffee at any time. The double coffee spout gives you a real espresso experience. The OptiBean NG also has a separate outlet for hot water, so that tea only tastes like tea.
The OptiBean NG is embellished by a bright LED / OptiLight lighting that can be set according to your own preferences. With the energy label A +, the OptiBean NG is energy-efficient. This is partly because the machine has an Energy Save Mode (ESM), with which the machine can be automatically put into a stand-by mode.
The OptiBean NG can be used anywhere and is the perfect coffee machine for offices, companies, catering, hotels, care homes, education and (sports) canteens.
Real coffee is really enjoyment. You have to take some time for that. No matter how busy it is and wherever you are. Pure coffee, freshly ground and at the right temperature. You don't have to go to an Italian terrace for it. It can actually be anywhere. Because with the OptiBean from Animo you can make real espresso and many variants in no time. This makes every moment your perfect coffee moment.
Powerful espresso, perfect cappuccino or simply very tasty coffee. It's about taste, the pure taste of freshly ground coffee. You create that with the OptiBean from Animo. He grinds the beans and makes authentic espresso. The OptiBean is for connoisseurs, for purists, people who love real fresh coffee. The OptiBean from Animo: The standard for bean-to-cup.

+ The OptiBean makes freshly ground coffee at any time.
+ The Italian brewing system makes delicious espresso, in an original way, under the right pressure.
+ You can choose from many espresso varieties, such as cappuccino, caffè latte and latte macchiato.
+ The OptiBean has 12 programmable selection keys. You can make your favorite coffee at the touch of a button.
+ Firm espresso or rather a bit milder? With the strength control you ensure that the coffee is exactly as strong as you want it.
+ You can also opt for instant products such as milk and chocolate.
+ There is a separate outlet for hot water, so that tea only tastes like tea.
+ With the new mixer system, the speed (rpm) of the mixer motor can be set according to preference for each topping.
+ Improved mixer extraction for less cleaning.

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