Dishwashing machine model M-iClean HM
Dishwashing machine model M-iClean HM

Dishwashing machine model M-iClean HM

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Basket size
500 x 500 mm
Boiler Capacity
7,9 lt
635 x 750 x H 1520-2080 mm
Power Source Voltage AC
400 V
Tank capacity
22 lt
14,1 Kw
Product Type
Dishwashing machine
Stainless Steel
Net weight
134 kg

Dishwashing machine model M-iClean HM

Dishwashing has never been more ergonomic or economic operating the new M-iClean H hood type pass through dishwasher is a revolution in workplace comfort and convenience. A gentle tap and the hood opens and closes. No physical effort required at all. 100 percent effortless and natural.
The M-iClean HM hood type dishwasher offers the most comfortable and user-friendly experience ever. And its superb ergonomics go hand in hand with a range of great features that save you time and money. Reduce time for dishwashing by up to 30 minutes a day and enjoy significantly faster drying times thanks to the drying table with integrated blower plus it helps cut your staff costs and running costs, too!
What's more, the M-iClean HM creates a great atmosphere in the wash-up area by reducing the amount of steam released from the machine by up to 80 percent and with the Pure Energy package cutting energy consumption by up to 21 percent.

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