Ice Machine (Air Cooled, L Cube)
Ice Machine (Air Cooled, L Cube)

Ice Machine (Air Cooled, L Cube)

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Ice Machine (Air Cooled, L Cube)

The IM-30CNE is an ice cube maker with a built-in storage bunker that is suitable for placement under bars and counters. This model has a very low water and energy consumption.

The closed water circuit offers optimum protection against contamination; places where impurities can penetrate are limited to the minimum. The ice cube machines from Hoshizaki are computer-controlled for an optimal production process. You do not have to change the settings manually under varying circumstances.
Optimal hygiene thanks to high-quality stainless steel exterior with integrated handles.
The polyurethane insulation foam (HFC-free) ensures that the quality and shape of the ice produced in the ice storage bunker is preserved for a long time. This reduces the number of production cycles.
Thanks to the easy-to-clean air filter, you can perform daily maintenance yourself. This extends the life of the machine and saves on maintenance.
The detachable door rubbers keep heat and bacteria out and make it easy to clean and maintain your Hoshizaki machine yourself.

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